Fresh Fruit Produce and Export-Import

We provide fresh fruits from our own lands for export, and import tropical fruits for Turkish local consumption.

Canakkale Fruit Farm

A unique place for producing our specific fruits in the region

Our fruit farm and fruits are placed in annexed farm land enabling effective harvesting and maintenance.

Fruit varieties are; apple, pear, quince, peach, medlar and plum.

Total Number of Trees

Apple - Golden 1000 trees
Apple - Granny Smith 3000 trees
Apple - Starking 3000 trees
Apple - Gala 1100 trees
Pear - SantaMaria 1700 trees
Quince 2200 trees
Peach 2700 trees
Medlar 1000 trees
Plum 500 trees

Harvest seasons start from September to March

Good agricultural practices applied in our land.

Phytosanitary checks are applied quarterly.

We highly value pesticide controls for quality and sustainability of agricultural produce.

Contact us for upcoming seasons harvest planning.

See below map for our Fruit produce farm in Bayramic, Canakkale.

Cold Storage in Izmir, Turkey

A close location next to Izmir wholesale fruit and vegetable market.

The cold storage facility in our main office provides leverage in competition for our customers, and provides added value for our own business.

We also focus on preserving our own products as well.

5 cold storage rooms

room # 1 80 sqm
room # 2 60 sqm
room # 3 50 sqm
room # 4 50 sqm
room # 5 40 sqm