Fresh Fruit Produce and Export-Import

We provide fresh fruits from our own lands for export, and import tropical fruits for Turkish local consumption.

About us

Fresh fruit producer, exporter and importer

Our company EGELI TICARET - HUSEYIN YETIK; established in 1990 in Izmir, Turkey. The company is registered member of Izmir Chamber of Commerce.

We are a wholesale fruit producer and dealer, with main office in İzmir, Turkey. We have proven expertise in fresh fruit packaging, storing and logistics in Aegean region.

Company owner Mr. Huseyin Yetik, had been a member of Izmir Chamber of Commerce and leader of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables sector, for many years.

Starting from the year 2011, we have planted our own 220.000 square meter fruit farm in Canakkale, Turkey, which we sell our fresh produce to local businesses and importers.

We also provide partnership for procurement of Turkish produce, and seasonally import Tropical Fruits.

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Our Produce

We have our own land for fruit produce in Canakkale, Turkey.


Apple is the leading export-ready produce in our portfolio. We have 8000 apple trees including golden, granny smith, starking and gala variaties.


Quince in our land is an ecologically grown fruit without preservatives. We have 2200 quince trees for harvesting.


2700 peach trees on our land are reaching their 4th year, and the quality of produce has potential for export. .


We have 1700 trees of Santa Maria pear on our land. The trees have reached their potential and harvest volume is satisfactory.

Our services

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Our produce of apples, peaches and pears are of export quality. The location of our land enables timely delivery of fresh produce to European market.

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Thanks to our local market connections, we are active importer of tropical and exotic fruits. Kiwi, lime, avocado, ananas, mango, pineapple, grapes and as well as ginger, asparagus.

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Cold Storage

We provide cold storage service in our main office, during our off-season - from May to October.

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How we transfer or import fresh produce.



  • All Fruits
  • Chilled Trucks
  • FTL model
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for ripe fruits

  • ie. bananas, avocados type.
  • Reefer Cargo
  • FCL model
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Air Cargo


  • ie. mangoes, type
  • proper packaging
  • mixed pallet
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See our locations

Produce Farm in Canakkale

Our fruit farm land was purchased in 2011 and cultivated specifically for Good Agricultural Practices GAP under the supervision of Agricultural Engineers. The land is located 2 km away from Bayramic, Canakkale, Turkey.

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Cold Storage in Izmir

The cold storage facility provides leverage in competition for our customers, and provides added value for our own business.

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