Fresh Fruit Produce and Export-Import

We provide fresh fruits from our own lands for export, and import tropical fruits for Turkish local consumption.

Fruit Export

Direct packing and loading from our fruit garden

Seasonal fruit export direct from producer.

Strong commitment to provide high quality care for harvesting and packing and loading for shipment.

Among our fruit varieties (apple, pear, quince, peach, medlar and plum) we have special focus on apple export.

Golden, granny smith, starking and gala apple varieties are hand picked timely during the harvest season.

Our expertise on apple handling and wholesale trading for more than 30 years is providing trust to our international customers.

Fruit Import

We are active importer of tropical and exotic fruits. Kiwi, lime, avocado, ananas, mango, pineapple, grapes and as well as ginger, asparagus.

Owing to strong demand to tropical and exotic fruits from our existing customers, we are importing these produce mainly during May to September.

European wholesale fruit exporters are most welcome to contact with us and discuss tropical fruit sales business with our company.

A typical bundle of our requested Full Truck Load freight includes;

kiwi 5 tons
lime 2 tons;
avocado 1 palette;
pineapple 1 palette;
mango 1 palette
ananas 1 palette
melon 1 palette
grapes 1 assorted palette

FCA and CnF quotations are most welcome.

Cold Storage of Fruits

We provide cold storage service in our main office, in Izmir, Turkey.

The cold storage facility in our main office provides leverage in competition for our customers, and provides added value for our own business.

Our experts in cold storage, exercise technical periodic cleaning and sanitation of our rooms.

We believe in preserving fruit value prior to delivering to wholesale dealers.